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What is a pressure cooker?

A pressure cooker can be defined as an airtight container that acts as a cooking equipment. It uses steam pressure to cook the food faster in less time as compared to other cooking methods. Also, it is known to make food moister and loaded with better nutrients and taste.
History of pressure cookers

The pressure cooker was invented by a French Scientist Denis Papin in the seventeenth century. Denis Papin was curious about new scientific discoveries related to using steam and pressure for cooking purposes. After inventing, he named the pot as “The Digester.” However, pressure cookers were not common until modern technology and better construction standards approved of its safety and efficiency.

Why use a pressure cooker?

Although many reasons make pressure cookers highly useful for our daily cooking, however, the most prominent benefit that they present is faster cooking. The steam formed inside the container is not allowed to escape. As a result, very significant steam pressure builds inside the cooker which aids in breaking down the food much faster.

Another reason why most of the chefs prefer using pressure cookers is to present a tastier and more flavorsome meal. The steam inside the container mixes with the food to carry the natural taste, nutrients, vitamins, and aroma of the food. Since this steam is trapped inside the container, it incorporates back into the food. As a result, the final meal formed never loses its specialty and is still moist and delicious to enjoy.

Cooking hard-structured food items such as grains, beans, chickpeas, and meat require a lot of heat and time in normal conditions. However, a pressure cooker is an exemption to this concept as it can cook tough foods in a shorter time. As a result, it may save a considerable amount of energy resources such as gas or electricity.

How to use a pressure cooker?

Using a pressure cooker is not as complex as you may have thought. However, it is not so simple as well. You need to be vigilant with the amount of heat you are giving, adjusting the steam valves, setting pressure and in the end releasing the pressure. After adding the food in the container along with a suitable amount of water, lock the lid carefully. Next, make sure that the vales are sealed properly and are not clogged in any way.

After doing so, turn on the stove and let the cooker do its work. You may want to have ample knowledge about how much time and pressure are required to cook certain food. As your food is done, turn off the stove but don't directly open the lid. Let the pressure release slowly or you can use other much faster methods for releasing the pressure.

What food items can I cook with a pressure cooker?

Pressure cookers allow cooking almost anything. From rice to chickpeas and beans, everything can be cooked under an hour. However, it is best suited for tenderized food items such as roasts and meats. Pressure cookers are most frequently used to deal with pulses, vegetables, beans, stews and almost anything that can be cooked in a normal container.

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