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Guide to Wireless Chargers in Sri Lanka

Wireless charging is becoming common and common as the time goes by. It has been around for quite some time but it became to most peoples’ attention when apple started offering their customers with a wireless charging option. But that was not the first time that wireless charging was used, companies like Toyota were incorporating wireless charging but it was until apple included this feature on their smart phones that it hit the mainstream media.

The popularity is going to continue increasing and more devices will be incorporating this option so as consumers we should be prepared for fewer cables in the years to come. As we go to the next era I think it will be wise if you are equipped at least with some basic knowledge about this wireless chargers. Keep reading and you are going to know all you need to know about wireless chargers.

How do wireless chargers work?

Wireless charging is not complicated at all, it works simply by transferring energy from the charger to a receiver that is normally located at the back of your phone via a process called electromagnetic induction. The charger usually have an inductive coil that creates an alternating electromagnetic field and the receiver at the back of your phone converts the electromagnetic fields back to electricity which is fed to the battery.

The charger and the phone are typically supposed to be at a close proximity and should also be correctly aligned over top of each other but a set orientation is usually not really necessary. This type of inductive charging have been used in rechargeable toothbrushes and some other bathroom accessories for over 28 years.

In the wireless charging industry there are usually several competing standards for portable gadgets like smart phones. Phones that support both PMA and Qi or even AirFuel Alliance standards will most probably work with most of the available wireless chargers. In the recent years, Qi is taking over the wireless charging industry most probably is because it is used in apple for iPhone X and iPhone 8.

Features to look for in a wireless charger.

Until the recently there used to be two different wireless charging standards. If you were to go for a wireless charger you had to be aware of this two standards which are the wireless power consortium’s Qi standard and the power matter alliance (PMA). Power matters alliance agreed to join wireless power consortium’s and embraced the Qi.

Right now you don’t need to consider buying a PMA or Qi standard, all you need to consider is whether the charging pad have fast charging or not. Wireless charging used to be slow, but as the technology is evolving the charging speeds are evolving with it. When buying a wireless charger you will need to look at the speed at which your phone can charge with which is normally given in terms of 7.5 watts, 9 watts and sometimes even 15 watts.

The software of the phone can also play a role when it comes to the speed of charging. For example iPhone X which runs on iOS of 11.2 or later will charge with 7. 5 watts while another iPhone X running on iOS 11.1 will charge at 5 watts.

The packaging of most of the wireless chargers will indicate the speed of the charger. Look at the box and find the wattage speed or it might be listed on the specification listing of the wireless charger. After that compare it with the charging speed of your phone.

Benefits of wireless chargers.

  • Wireless charging is very convenient when the product cannot be reached or when electrical contacts are not acceptable and your battery is embedded on the product.
  • Wireless charging solves lots of problems that are normally associated with the normal wired charging because it can either be built into the device or via cases that are external and in such a case it makes it very possible to utilize the capacity of the wireless charging.
  • The wireless charger can be used on multiple types of gadgets like smartphone, smart watches, and tablets all in the same setting. This makes the whole process very simple than you having to carry several chargers at the same time. Recently the wireless charging capabilities have become very common in public settings across the world and it will keep on becoming popular.
  • Your phone will not be directly exposed to elements that can harm it so generally it is safer and secured when you are using a wireless charger.
  • Using wireless chargers eliminates the need to have different cables which in turn reduces the need for international voltage adapters when you need to travel abroad.
  • Wireless charging is normally sized to deliver 5 watts and above making it a good solution to your battery. Drawbacks of wireless chargers.
  • One of the main disadvantage of wireless chargers is that they have heat wastage and some have lower efficiency. Compared to the direct contact charging, wireless do actually have lower efficiency and it is more resistive to heat. So if you want your device to charge easily and faster, just leave it on a mat and wait for it to charge.
  • Compared to the “traditional” method of charging, wireless charging is still slower as well as less efficient. But as the time goes there coming better and faster wireless chargers.
  • The device must be left on the pad while it is charging, you cannot just move it around like you can when you are using the normal cable charger. You can also not operate your phone while it is charging.

Who is it recommended for?

The wireless chargers are recommended for anyone who is tired of using cables to charge his phone or anyone who just needs a change. All you will need is to have a smart phone that supports wireless charging or add a case if it is not built into the device and then buy a wireless charger.
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