3-Tier Stackable Juice Dispenser with Ice Chamber & Cooling Shaft

3-Tier Stackable Juice Dispenser with Ice Chamber & Cooling Shaft

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Hosting a fun party?

Set this three-tier beverage dispenser down at the center of the festivities and invite everyone to an endless supply of lemonade, iced tea, juice or punch.

The independent design of the dispensers and taps makes this the perfect solution for serving different types of drinks from the same location in the room.

The tiers are constructed of a highly durable, break-resistant and shatterproof clear acrylic, while the taps are chrome plated.

Even better, the entire thing is dishwasher safe, making it that much easier to clean after the guests have gone.

Add ice for additional cool.

The dispenser’s base features an open chamber designed to hold cubed or crushed ice.

While the tiers are all closed at the bottom to keep liquid from running out, the ice remains in close proximity and effectively chills the liquid above it.

The dispenser is intentionally and strategically designed with the ice in its base, so that the liquid that’s closest to the tap is also closest to the ice.

This ensures that whenever you are dispensing a cup of your lemonade, iced tea, juice or punch, it is always the coldest serving in the dispenser at that time.

Quite neat, isn’t it?

Serve cold drinks all around.

What if you want to dispense multiple cold servings one after the other?

Well, that’s where the cooling shafts come into play.

These integrated shafts at the center of the tiers are totally hollow and can hold cold water or cubed or crushed ice.

When filled, the shafts come into contact with more of the liquid at the center of the dispensers.

In addition, the shafts’ only openings are at the top; the rest is sealed to keep melted ice from trickling out.

This enables you to cool and serve perfectly chilled drinks without running the risk of diluting them in the process.


  • 3-Tier Beverage Dispenser is made of Break-Resistant, Shatterproof Acryli & is Dishwasher-Safe
  • Independent Stackable 1-Gallon Tiers & Taps Can Each Dispense Different Drinks
  • Serve-Cilled Beverage Dispenser Includes Chambered Ice Base Keeping Liquids Cold
  • Drink Dispenser has Integrated Cooling Shafts Assuring Uniform Chill Temperature for Each Tier
  • Beverage Dispenser Tiers & Base Are Made of BPA-Free, Durable Acrylic; Taps Are Chrome Plated
  • L x W x H: 51.5 x 27.17 x 25.65 CM